Fiber Paste Part 2 – Watercolour

Fiber Paste Part 2 – Watercolour

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Today I’m showing how to use watercolour on top of Fiber Paste. Because of the amount of water used in watercolour painting, and Fiber Paste’s absorbent qualities, you can get fantastic results, which are even more exaggerated than if you work on rough textured paper.

You’ll see in the film that I use Intense pencils a lot. The fact that they dry permanently on any surface after initially┬ábeing diluted with water means┬áthat the pencil strokes are still there however much I paint over them, and personally I like that characteristic…

I use Daniel Smith watercolours almost exclusively now that I’ve discovered them, mostly because of the huge assortment of unusual pigments they provide, and the granulation effects, like with Lunar Blue used here in the background…

So check out the film here: Fiber Paste 2 – Watercolour

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