Working on a textured surface

Working on a textured surface

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I collect stuff. Stuff that might come in useful… It’s become a bit of a mania actually, though I’m doing my best to control it. Here’s some of the stuff I collect – papers. All kinds of papers. Structured wallpapers from the 80’s, old sheet music, old schoolbooks from the 1940’s, tissue, rice paper, corrugated cardboard in masses of different sizes and patterns – if you can glue it onto a canvas, I’ll save it.

At the moment I love texture in my paintings, and I like using papers to create a base to work on, so I’ve made a film on how I go about it. Once again I’m working on Montval 300g watercolour paper, but this time I’m gluing stuff on top so its almost completely covered. Then I’ve used something called Acrylic Ground for Pastels, by Golden, which is an almost transparent ground feeling like the finest sandpaper when dry and which becomes a perfect surface to receive any kind of drawing tool, pencil, crayons, charcoal, pastel, you name it. After sketching up the head with an Inktense pencil (colour: Bark) I then painted her in Golden Heavy Body acrylics, which have a heavier consistency and dry quickly. Here’s a detail when I’m half way through…

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The colours I used were Titanium White, Naples Yellow, Permanent Maroon, Paynes Gray, Burnt Umber and Nickel Azo Yellow. I like to use a bit of Paynes Gray (which is in the background) in the skin, the hair, her blouse etc. to unite the picture somewhat. I also left the printed papers coming through, so I didn’t paint so that they were completely covered.

Here are a couple of close ups, and here’s the film – just click on the title below:

Working on a textured surface

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