Using gelli prints in my artwork

Using gelli prints in my artwork


As much fun as it is printing gelli prints, what do you do with them???

Good question – it’s very easy to get carried away and just print them for the sake of it, and I do – believe me! But how can you use these amazing prints in real artwork. I thought I would show one of the ways I use them. If you have read the “About me” page on this blog, you’ll already know that my degree was in Fashion and textiles, so I’m very interested in figures and patterns. My first freelance job was as a fashion illustrator for H&M in Stockholm, and I come back to figures, faces, patterns, the whole time.

pic 1 new

I’ve made a film – see the link below – where I’ve used a photo in an old National Geographic magazine to inspire me to do a picture using the printed papers for the woman’s clothing. I started by sketching up the woman on 300g Montval watercolour paper, using a Derwent Inktense pencil (colour: Bark). Then after gluing the prints onto the body, I painted the face using Golden Fluid acrylics, which are great on watercolour paper as they are so fluid, yet highly pigmented that they keep their colour strength even when watered down.


The colours I used were Violet Oxide, Prussian Blue, Raw Umber, and Titan Buff (an opaque creamy colour, instead of white). I wanted the colours to match the colours in the prints I was using, and together they mix to a great assortment of  warm/cool greys. I actually added a glaze of Prussian blue after I’d finished filming, as you can see here, below….


Ok, so here’s the film….  Using printed papers in my artwork

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