Pages 6 and 7

Pages 6 and 7

Pages 6 and 7 are rather similar. Using the photos I showed in my previous post, I did some Image Transfers. An Image Transfer is where you brush gloss or matte acrylic medium onto the surface of a laser copy (I prefer laser printers to Inkjet printers as Inkjet prints are not permanent and therefore sensitive to water) – then you turn it face down onto your paper, or canvas. Using an old credit card you press out the air bubbles and smooth the back of the paper until the photo is really stuck down. Leave it to dry for 5-10 minutes and then carefully tear off the paper from the back of the image. The image will have stuck to the matte medium (which is still drying), so you will leave a fuzzy white surface once the paper is removed. I then usually leave it to dry overnight – which is safest, but a couple of hours will do.

pages 6and7

When it’s completely dry, spray the back of the image with a water spray and start to carefully rub off the fuzzy paper surface to reveal the image beneath. It IS possible to rub off all the paper and reveal a clean image – but it takes a bit of practice, and sometimes you find yourself rubbing a bit too hard and you a rub a hole in the image – however! No matter! I actually quite like the distressed look.

If you look at Page Six below – you can see that before I did my Image Transfer, I collaged down some old book paper from an old school songbook using Golden Matte Medium. When that was dry I did the Image Transfer with my photo of my dried tulips. When I had rubbed off as much of the paper pulp as I could be bothered to (it IS a bit of a process), I took some Golden Fluid Nickel Azo Yellow, Permanent Maroon  and Paynes Gray and I painted over the image, extending the stalks of the tulips with paint. Then I did a yellowish wash over the whole page so it gave it an aged look. Click on the photos to enlarge and see details.

Page 6

I decided it needed something else and so I carved myself a little stamp like a small seedpod out of an old eraser…

page 6 stamp

Here’s what it stamps like, I used Golden Fluid Titan Buff::

page 6 detail dpage 6 detail c

On page seven I did another Image Transfer, but I didn’t have any collaged paper as a background – this was straight onto the watercolour paper. Then I painted over it with Golden Fluid acrylics again, using colours which went with the image…

page 7

Again I left some of the fuzzy paper pulp around the edge of the image which the acrylic paint soaked into and left a nice effect..

page 7 detail bb

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