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Page 5

Page 5

Page five. Here I left the seed pod theme, and was inspired by some photos I’d taken of some tulips which had dried up in their vase – and become even MORE beautiful than when they were in their prime! I have an iPhone and my absolutely favourite camera app is Hipstamatic, which takes the artyest photos I know, with one click. Here are a few photos of my crispy tulips – look how the app changes the colouring so it just becomes a painting by itself…

IMG_0846 IMG_0841 IMG_0832

Aren’t they exquisite? I take no credit for the beauty – God made the tulips and Hipstamatic did the rest, I just threw them on the table and focused the iphone. So…back to page five. I began by collaging on some old book papers again, but you can’t see much of them because I painted gesso over them – but they give texture. Then I used one of my seedpod stencils and scraped a very thin layer of Molding Paste through it. In fact so thin, I think I just used what was left on the stencil from the last page so as not to waste it, or wash it down the sink (a no-no). Below you can see the fold in the page which I just painted straight over…

page 5 detail c big

Then I painted a very thin watercoloury wash of Golden Paynes Grey, mixed with Raw Umber over the page. I love the way the washruns into a picks out the Molding Paste seed pods even though they are part of the background just adding texture. Before it alldried, I drew the shapes of the tulips and the leaves using my Inktense pencil (Bark) which is wonderful to work on top of thinned wet paint. The pencil runs – especially if you spray it slightly with a spray bottle filled with water. When the pencil and thin wash had dried I then painted some of the tulips and leaves using similar colours to the photos. I used Golden OPEN Nickel Azo Yellow, and I mixed the purple using Golden Heavy Body Permanent Maroon and Paynes Grey, sometimes adding some Titanium White to lighten the purple in certain areas.

page 5 detail a

page 5 detail b

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