Page Four

Page Four

Page 4

More seedpods, this time I found a botanical illustration of Cocoa bean pods. I remember when I was little, in my first year at school, a famous English chocolate factory (Cadbury’s) had an art competition, and my painting won one of the prizes. I can’t remember the painting at all, but I do remember that we had to watch a film (shown on an old film-projector – high tech in 1964) about cocoa plantations and what the pods looked like containing all the beans. Who’d have thought I would grow up to become a chocoholic?

Anyway – I used the illustration to draw my own stencil again…

page 4 detail d

I also made an alphabet with a set of lino-carving tools, using large erasers (so easy to cut into), and used it to print the word Seed in Golden Fluid acrylic Naples Yellow. I started as usual with the background, this time gluing down tissue paper with Matte Medium, then when it had dried I gave it a coat of Gesso. I used the stencil and scraped Golden Fiber Paste which I mixed with Golden Heavy Body acrylic in Yellow Ochre, through it leaving a raised effect. Fiber Paste is much more matte and more absorbent than Molding Paste and I like the rough surface. To see more about Fiber Paste, check out my two films in earlier blog posts.

page 4 detail c

When the Fiber Paste had dried, I painted over the whole thing with a thin wash of Golden Fluid acrylic in Permanent Violet Dark. Then using a baby wipe, I wiped off the purple from the surface of the Cocoa pod, Where the Purple and the Yellow Ochre mix round the edges you get a lovely terracotta colour. Finally I added a mixture of Gesso and Golden Fluid Naples Yellow on certain areas to highlight the beans and give them life…

page 4 detail a

Lastly I painted Yellow Ochre mixed with Permanent Violet Dark onto the bottom left hand side of the page then put my stencil over it and wiped through the holes in the stencil with a baby wipe, removing the yellow mixture and revealing the purple underneath. When I removed the stencil, I was left with the outline of the bean pod, in yellow ochre…

page 4 detail b

By the way – if you click on the pictures, you can enlarge them to see details ….

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