Page Three

Page Three

page three

As you can see, page three contains a fold. When you make the watercolour paper journal, you use different folds to create the book – it makes it more interesting. Here I found a botanical illustration of some seedpods filled with seeds and sketched it freehand onto a plastic file-divider. Then using a heat-tool (normally used for soldering metal wire) I cut some stencils. The heat-tool is so much easier than using a knife or a scalpel as it melts the plastic and you can easily cut out circles and curves which are trickier with a scalpel. The only thing is the plastic smells a bit as it melts so you have to work in a well ventilated area, or outside.

page three stencils

If you look at the detail below you can see that after collaging some more old book pages onto the background I used the stencil with Golden Molding Paste, which leaves a raised surface. I let the Molding Paste dry overnight then I painted over everything with Golden Fluid acrylic Phthalo Blue (GS). Because the Molding Paste has a slightly shiny surface I could wipe off some of the blue paint from the seedpod shapes. Then I used Golden Fluid Nickel Azo Gold over the top to colour the seedpods. I love using complimentary colours, and the blue and rusty orange are delicious together. Then of course where they mix, they blend together to create a wonderful green tone…

Page three detail a

Page three detail b

page three detail c

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