Art Journal Page 2

Art Journal Page 2

page 2

Here’s the next page inside the front cover. I had a photo of some lilies which I thought I would draw, but first I glued down a load of collage material. I used Golden Matte Medium as a glue. It’s not too thick and dries fairly fast and very matte, making it easy to draw onto. Matte Medium leaves a “tooth” (kind of like very, very fine sandpaper) which pencils and crayons love to grab hold of. You don’t get that horrible feeling of your pencils skidding across the surface – they leave their mark. I used Inktense pencils again to draw with, which are water-soluble but dry permanently. If you look at the photo below, you’ll see that I used a gelliprint on the bottom left as part of the background..(If you don’t know what gelliprints are see a previous post from last year with a film on how to do them:

page 2 detail aOn this detail below, you can see the old book paper I used as collage material. After gluing down the background I painted over with a mixture of Golden Fluids again, in Green Gold and Nickel Azo Gold. You can also see how my drawn lines in the Inktense pencil have dissolved here and there into the paint – I love that.Again I used gesso to paint in the white lilies. The Inktense pencil (colour: Bark) also mixed with the gesso and created natural shadows on the petals.

page 2 detail b



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